Bio Basics Spain, Cervello, Barcelona, Spain March 15/16 2019

BioBasics Spain, 2019 Title: “Find the Health   … Anyone can Find Disease” AT Still.

What could Dr Still have meant? How do we apply this principle in the care of our patients!? This weekend plans to reveal and expand on this topic …… look forward to seeing you there?

This fantastic 2 day event is running for it’s sixth year. Organised and taught by Spanish osteopaths, CODI tutors and with guest lecturer Christian Sullivan, Biodynamics program faculty member.

One to One guidance and support is offered for all the practical training/treatment sessions from osteopaths who have completed the first seven phases of the Biodynamics program. This level of support is virtually unique to the BioBasics program, and osteopaths are advised to make an early booking for this course to .